Get In Touch With Santa…For the Kiddos

I know, I know, this has nothing to do with social marketing per se…however, I am a Mom and Santa’s coming soon and I can’t get Spongebob singing, “Santa’s coming tonight, tonight; Santa’s coming tonight,” OUT OF MY HEAD!

Yes, IT IS as annoying as the video I’ve included and no, I couldn’t be so lucky as to have, say, White Christmas (sung by Bing Crosby of course) playing in my head, no sirree.  So, to try and drown Spongebob out I thought I’d put together the different ways kids can get in touch with Santa, ranging from old school (writing a letter and mailing it…gasp!) to slightly more modern options.

Pick Up The Phone

Before Christmas, kids can call (951) 262 – 3062 and hear a recorded message from Santa asking for their wish list and telling them to be good…and especially to listen to their parents.  They have the option of leaving a message for Santa about what they want this year.

After Christmas, like literally the day after, they can call (855) 34 – SANTA and hear a recorded message from the jolly red guy thanking them for leaving out cookies and carrots for the reindeer.  Again, there’s an option to leave a message.

***Please note, Santa will not return phone calls and you should call the numbers yourself first so you know what’s being said.***

Work On Typing Skills

If you go to this website, there’s a gold Christmas ornament ball where your kids can input their name and click to email Santa!  It’s basically a form letter about what town/country they live in, what they’d like for Christmas, etc.  There’s also a section where they can ‘ad-lib’ so-to-speak.  Great for emerging typers and those who don’t like to write.  Bonus:  Santa will email back!

Even if your kids don’t want to email Santa, there are a lot of fun things on like daily jokes, Christmas Countdown, Present Counter, Santa’s Blog, etc.  It worth checking out, especially for the younger ones.

Write It Out

Finally, you can do it old school, stamps and all, and write to Santa.  The Santa Claus Museum can hook you up.  Here’s the address:

Santa Claus

PO Box 1

Santa Claus, IN 47579

When writing the letter, be sure to include a legible return name/address because Santa writes back…FOR FREE!!!  The only caveat is that the letter to Santa needs to be received by December 20th…so get writing!

If you’d like a ‘form letter’ for your kids to fill out, the website provides one for you.  And, since everything is free, they welcome donations to help cover postage 😉

Ok, now I’m happy and blissfully my head is now filled with…


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